Noah Anderson helps brother after Hurricane Harvey


Neha Madhira

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Junior Noah Anderson traveled down to Houston last Saturday to help his brother Blake move back in. Blake and his family, who moved into a rental house there two years ago, had to evacuate before Hurricane Harvey hit.

“It’s a terrible thing and it’s sad to see so many families affected by a natural disaster,” Blake said. “Luckily, we stayed at my boss’s house and a workshop in North Houston during the hurricane.”

Although Blake and his family were unharmed, the interior of their house was damaged and the creek near it rose 133.7 feet.

“The exterior of the house was not really damaged but all appliances and furniture inside were ruined,” Blake said. “We have renter’s insurance but it doesn’t cover belongings during a flood. We are at a high point in the county but some of the areas were affected badly because there was so much water.”

On the four-hour drive to where Blake was staying, Noah noticed places impacted by the hurricane.

“I saw many destroyed properties,” Anderson said. “There were so many houses and other things flooded that it blew my mind.”

The road to recovery for Hurricane Harvey could take years but people all around the country are helping. The American Red Cross is taking donations on their website and $10 can also be given by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999.  This money will not only help those affected by Hurricane Harvey but also those recovering from any other disasters.

“I hope we never see anything this bad again,” Blake said. “Although, I am very happy to see the city coming together. All of the donations and support have been very helpful.”