3rd Sadie Hawkins dance to take place on Feb. 25

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3rd Sadie Hawkins dance to take place on Feb. 25

Haley Stack, Reporter

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For the third year in a row the student council will sponsor the annual Sadie Hawkins dance on Feb. 25.

The theme this year is country western.

“The first year was [also] country western,” Student chair of the event, Samantha Yager said. “The second year we went to 50’s but there was a better outcome with country western.”

The original chosen location for the dance was the Wilson barn before it fell through.

“We were trying to get it held at the Wilson Barn this year,” Yager said. “We had it all lined up but the owner recently let us know that their renovations won’t be done in time, so it’s actually being moved back to the high school.”

The student council wanted to change the location from the high school this year to try and have a different atmosphere.

“Well we wanted to do it at the barn because we just thought it would be a different atmosphere,” Yager said. “Since that didn’t work we’re gonna bring the barn to the cafeteria and we’re gonna decorate it really nice and hopefully bring that atmosphere if the barn would of worked out. Many other locations were considered for the dance to be held besides the Wilson barn.”

Other locations were considered for the dance besides the Wilson Barn and the high school.

“We emailed a couple different barn locations,” Yager said. “All the pricing was too high for us and since this is an event where the fundraising for the tickets goes to each class, we didn’t want to spend too much money on the venue.”

There have been many changes to the dance this year besides the location. 

“There’s been a lot of decoration changes,” Yager said. “It’s gonna be very festive, there’s gonna be a couple there teaching line dances, swing dances, and just different fun dances.”

With the new changes being made to the dance this year the student council is hoping to draw more students to the dance.

“It’s more of an event where you don’t necessarily need to have a date to have fun,” Yager said. “My hope is that people will just come out, get their country boots on, and want to learn the dances, take fun pictures, stuff like that.”

The purpose of Sadie Hawkins is for the girl to ask the guy out, to put a switch on the social normative of high school dances. Yager assures that you don’t need a date to have fun.

“You are encouraged to bring a date,” Yager said. “Or ask a guy to go with you, but you can also just get a group of girlfriends and go and it’ll be fun to learn either way.”

The Sadie Hawkins dance is put on to be enjoyable for the students but there are also some goals behind the dance.

The goals are just that maybe people will have a lot of fun and to help raise money for each graduating class,” Yager said. “The funds go to each class and I hope that everyone will come out, whether they have a date or not, maybe go out of their comfort zone, maybe learn a few dances, and yeah just have fun.”