Artist of the Week – Minette Du Plooy


Photo courtesy Minette Du Plooy.

Junior Minette Du Plooy playes her trombone in a run-through of the show before the band competed at Duncanville. “I love marching shows, just because of how fast paced they are,” Du Plooy said. This is Du Plooy’s second year in “The Mighty Eagle Band.”

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Muscle memory aids trombonist with making music

What instrument do you play?


How long have you been playing your instrument?/ Why did you start?

“I’ve been playing trombone for three years. I started because, for my middle school years I was in Frisco where I originally started learning Bassoon. When I moved to Canada in eighth grade, the school I went to didn’t own a bassoon, so I switched to trombone.”

What all goes into playing your instrument?/ How do you prepare?

“Playing trombone requires a lot of warm-up time. All brass instruments need you to warm up before playing so you can make a good sound, but you also need to have good muscle memory because your slide goes up and down a tube that doesn’t tell you where your notes are.”

What is your favorite part about being in band?

“My favorite part is how when I moved here, I automatically had people I could hang out with before/after school. Most of my friends are in band, and I know more people because of band than I would have known had I not joined. “

What is your favorite show you have performed?

“I love marching shows, just because of how fast-paced they are. Performing in the Alamodome at San Antonio has been my favorite because of how competitive it is, and the whole trip is just a lot of fun.”

Do you plan on continuing to play beyond high school?

“I wasn’t planning on continuing music after high school but after seeing some college bands perform I’m reconsidering doing band in sollege.”

How has being in band shaped you as a person? 

“I think that band has taught me a lot about time management. During marching season you start doing homework at 9:30 because you have practice usually from 6-8:30, so I’m good at completing assignments fast.”

Do you have any favorite memories from band? 

“My favorite part is the band sleep-away trips. You room with three other girls, and you become closer with them because of it. I’m also lucky because my friend group in band hang out all that time at Christmas parties and over the summer.”