Choir to start year on a high note at fall concert


Kester Muthalaly

The men of the Varsity Mixed Choir snap to "White Christmas." at last year's winter concert. The soloists at the middle are Jacen Miserak, Carson Hackworth and Marcus Chu. "I thought it just a fun piece for the guys where we could just put out our energy," Hackworth said.

Isabella Abraham, Feature/Copy Editor

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Choir members will unite to perform in their first concert of the year, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1 in the auditorium. Admission is free to all.

“We would like to see PHS show up for us,” choir director Crystal Chamberlain said. “This fall concert we will be displaying all of our choirs including large concert choir, so groups of around 40-50 kids, and then our pop group and chamber ensemble, which is a small group.”

A total of 13 songs, loosely based on the theme of “home,” will be performed at the concert. The almost 200 choir students will join together in the end for the grand finale to perform their last song.

“We have it themed loosely based around home, since it is our last year as one home campus and a one high school town, and it’s songs about all the things you find at home: love, joy, sadness,” Chamberlain said. ” We’ll have a big finisher with everybody singing, which we are really looking forward to. It’s going to be a pretty cool moment, we’re excited about that.”

Despite the challenging time crunch, the choir students have made immense strides in the first six to seven weeks alone.

“People should come to the fall concert to hear how far we’ve come in just six weeks,” junior Olivia Savage said. “We got our music the first day of school and have been practicing ever since.”

The choir students received their concert music on the first day of class and prepared through in-school and after-school practices ever since.

“The students have been working really hard,” Chamberlain said. “They have been getting ready learning notes and rhythms, but also performance practices like how to stand in front of an audience and sing and (they’ve spent) lots of time working together and blending their sound. We have some students that are freshmen and they’re still figuring out this high school thing, and now to add the pressure of performing and singing in front of family and friends is somewhat difficult. We’ve done a lot of work in not a lot of time.”

Junior Katie Sword, member of the a cappella and show choirs, says she is looking forward to seeing all the hard work choir singers put in behind the scenes come to life.

“I am very eager to see the other choirs and see the different varieties of music performed,” Sword said. “We, as a whole, have had many rehearsals and practices in and outside of school. The community should come together to hear the hard work that we have put together.”