Review: Taylor Swift is the happiest she’s ever been in her new album, Lover


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“Lover” by Taylor Swift, which was released on Aug. 23, already is 2019’s top album. “‘Lover’ is one of Swift’s best albums, complete with a synth-pop tune and complex, meaningful lyrics,” sophomore reviewer Amanda Hare said. In the attached column, Hare reviews Swift’s seventh studio album, which contains 18 songs.

Taylor Swift's, "ME!," official music video.

Amanda Hare, Reporter

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After two years since her last album, “Reputation,” Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated seventh studio album, “Lover,” Friday, Aug. 23.  The one hour and two minutes long album consists of 18 songs, the most songs on any of her albums. “Lover” is one of Swift’s best albums, complete with a synth-pop tune and complex, meaningful lyrics.

After being criticized for years for her many public relationships, Swift now has been with her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, for more than two years. In “Lover,” Swift sings about how happy and in love she is.

Starting off the album, “I Forgot That You Existed” sets up the joyful and carefree tone for the rest of the 17 ballads. In addition, Swift mentions her newfound “indifference” to the haters.

In the next song, “Cruel Summer,” Swift sings about falling in love with Alwyn.

Lover,” one of Swift’s favorite songs from the album, is slow and romantic. With lyrics like, “My heart’s been borrowed, and yours has been blue / All’s well that ends well to end up with you” it is clear that Swift has found the love she’s been awaiting. 

Already one of the more popular tracks, “The Man” talks about double standards and sexism in today’s world. An upbeat track, “The Man” strays from the theme of the album, love, and sends out an important message to girls.

One of the album’s singles, “The Archer” slows the album down again with vulnerable, self-regret lyrics.

The next song, “I Think He Knows” talks about a relationship growing. With less instruments and snapping fingers leading it, the song conveys both confidence and excitement.

Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince” takes place in a high school setting complete with cheerleader chants in the bridge. This song gives fans a nostalgic feel to Swift’s hit-song from her Fearless album, “You Belong With Me,” which parallels between high school drama. 

In “Paper Rings,” Swift sings about committing to her relationship with Alwyn and possibly getting married. The song features an upbeat, pop-punk inspired beat.

Cornelia Street” is named after a street in Greenwich Village, where Swift used to rent an apartment. With a piano background, Swift sings about fears that her romantic relationship may face troubles. 

Death By A Thousand Cuts” was inspired by a Netflix rom-com, “Someone Great.” The film was actually inspired by one of Swift’s previous albums, 1989.

The next song, “London Boy,” starts off with a spoken intro containing a clip of her Cats costar, Idris Elba, from March 2017 on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” This upbeat song is all about her British boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Soon You’ll Get Better” is a collaboration with the Dixie Chicks and is the most emotional song on the album. Swift refers to her own mom, Andrea Swift, who has recently suffered from a cancer relapse. 

False God” is about her lover and stands out as an R&B influenced love song with a saxophone woven into the background.

The next song, “You Need To Calm Down,” a single for the album, is LGBTQ-friendly and targeted toward the internet haters and homophobes. With this song, Swift also released a petition for the Equality Act. Her petition had 550,000 signatures as of Sep. 11.

In “Afterglow” Swift apologizes for a failed relationship and reflects on her past.

ME!” is Swift’s collaboration with Brendon Urie from “Panic! at the Disco” and the lead single from the album. “ME!” encourages self-love with a bubbly, upbeat tune.

It’s Nice To Have A Friend” includes part of the track “Summer in the South” from Regent Park School of Music’s album, “Parkscapes.” In the song, Swift uses steel drums, harps and a trumpet solo.

Ending the album, “Daylight” talks about Swift’s personal growth and refers back to the song “Red” from Swift’s 2012 album of the same title. Swift ends the album with a monologue talking about love.

Swift’s Lover is 2019’s Top Selling Album, taking the No. 1 spot from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s, “A Star is Born.” Swift also came out with multiple deluxe versions of the album, exclusive at Target. The deluxe version contains a CD of the deluxe album, entries from Swift’s diary, a notebook, and more.