Reporters turn lenses onto Eagle Nation Online


Kennedy Wyles

Photographer and Reporter Ana Arredondo focuses on Prosper soccer players during a February home game. Arredondo and reporter Kennedy Wyles teamed up to produce a video package to give the Eagle Nation Online audience a glimpse at how ENO student journalists cover their school daily. “Well, our big thing is to keep students informed,” editor-in-chief Neha Madhira said in the package. “A lot of people, I think, believe now days that journalism is dying and all of that. But, you know, all forms of journalism are important – print newspapers, online newspapers, broadcasts. They’re all just ways to get news out. So, I think having a newspaper is pretty crucial to any school.”

Reporters Ana Arredondo and Kennedy Wyles interviewed the online newspaper’s editor-in-chief Neha Madhira, adviser Lisa Roskens, and a fellow reporter Katie Johnson to share more about how the Prosper student news site staff works to produce content for the Eagle Nation Online.