XC Running Up State Rankings

Taylor Hickey, Reporter

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With the cross country girls just winning the regional title, the girls are already preparing for the state meet. With new coaching, the girls have been pushed to their limit and it has really paid off.

“Coach Grenier is a lot more strict and the workouts are a lot harder,” sophomore Sam Drobny explained, “But with this new coaching we are ranked first in state and we are really excited to see how the rest of our season goes.”

The cross country team has faced many challenging courses over their district and regional run, and the girls can’t wait to see what the upcoming state courses hold.

“Our hardest courses this year have been the courses with hills, they make everyone’s running time slower which makes it harder to get a good finish,” Drobny said.

Girls cross country is said to make an amazing run this district season and is a state front runner. The girls recently competed in districts and won the district title for the third year in a row.

“Leading up to the regional meet, our team got so much closer and we learned how to rely on each other on work as a team,” Drobny explained.

The girls have qualified for state for the past three years, finishing in second place every time.

“We are ready to bring home the state title this year,” said Drobny, “But whatever the outcome is we are happy with our hard work through out the season, and are grateful for whatever comes of the state meet.”