Who’s got aux? – Lana Del Ray vs. 5SOS

Mithra Cama and Gianna Galante compare music taste and review music


In a digitally constructed image created by senior Gianna Galante, “Who’s Got Aux?,” the title of podcast created by Mithra Cama and Galante is displayed. In their first episode, Cama and Galante share songs they think the other person would like. They also share their most recent favorite songs.

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Editor’s Note: If you cannot see or listen to the podcast, it might be blocked on school WiFi. 

In today’s episode of “Who’s got aux?,” Gianna Galante and Mithra Cama discuss their music taste and choose one song for the other to listen to and review. Today’s songs were “Best Friends” by 5 Seconds of Summer and “Groupie Love” by Lana Del Ray.

Best Friends 

Groupie Love

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