‘How to High School’ – Episode 4 – Our favorites

Seniors Neena Sidhu and Mithra Cama discuss lessons learned, favorite classes and teachers

Neena Sidhu

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Mithra Cama

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In a graphic made on Canva, the title of the advice podcast by seniors Neena Sidhu and Mithra Cama is displayed. This episode is the fourth of a series about various high school topics. This episode discusses teachers and classes they enjoyed.

In the fourth episode of “How to High School,” seniors Neena Sidhu and Mithra Cama discuss favorite teachers, classes and lessons learned throughout high school. Topics include tips on how to make the most out of classes you enjoy, the best ways to deal with teachers and some valuable things to remember throughout the year.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Making most out of classes

2. How to benefit from teachers

3. Things to remember to make

high school more enjoyable