Student council president shares his future aspirations


Neena Sidhu

Huddling together, the group of spirit leaders cheer after being announced. Spirit leaders are Sarah Peyton Webb, Alison Brandt, Matthew Davidson, Landon Bownds and Bryan Thomason. They are all seniors.

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He’s loved every minute of it — from being involved in his town to participating in school activities.

This year, senior Landon Bownds serves his class as senior class president at Prosper High School. 

“I have lived in Prosper for 10 years and have loved every minute of it,” Bownds said. “I love my school and my town – and I love being involved in groups that seek to better both of them.”

Landon brings great energy to our student council. He is always willing to help and always has new ideas. ”

— Savannah Yager, Junior

Besides being class president, Bownds is starting his second year as spirit leader.

“My favorite part about this role is getting to do my best to serve students and staff in any way possible,” Bownds said. “And, help better our school.”

Bownds said he aspires to leave a lasting impact on the school, and its students. 

“It has been inspiring for me to get to serve with other students who are not just there for service hours,” Bownds said. “But, who truly seek to make an impact.”

Bownds’ said another favorite part about serving his school is working with other students who want to better the community. 

“Honestly, just working with a group of students that really care about our school,” Bownds said. “And, our community.”

Bownds said he had wanted to join the student council since his freshman year of high school. 

He is always very energetic and committed to the senior class. I admire that. ”

— Micheal Beals, senior

“It’s just been something on my mind for some time now,” Bownds said. “I remember my freshman year thinking to myself how cool that role would be, so I’m blessed to have the opportunity this year.”

In 2021, Bownds got the opportunity to become spirit leader, and his appreciation for the role has grown since then. Bounds also had wanted to run for class president.

“I officially joined last year when I became a spirit leader, and I wish I would’ve joined sooner,” Bounds said. “It (running for senior class president) was always something I wanted to do,” Bownds said. “But I got serious about it at the start of the spring semester last year.”

This year marks Bownds’ fourth at PHS. The student council is currently scheduling future events. 

 “So far it has been just planning ahead for future big events,” Bownds said. “So, not too busy yet, but I’ll be ready for when it picks up.” 

Since the beginning of his senior year, Bownds has been getting ready for events, and planning events for his community. 

“To me, the president role means to be there for your fellow students in planning events to benefit them,” Bownds said. “And, to be present at every game and every pep rally.”

Francisco Salas is the student leadership teacher and the head of the student council. 

“Landon is a great Spirit Leader because he always brings 200% energy,” Salas said. “He is genuinely excited about having fun and making sure everyone always feels included. What makes him a leader in StuCo is his initiative.”

Bownds said he looks forward to seeing what this year has to offer — with all the games, pep rallies and school events.

“I firmly believe high school is better when students genuinely care about where they go to school,” Bownds said. “My favorite high school moments are when we pack a student section and demolish any poor team that has to play us.”

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