News Brief: Floral department sells Valentine gifts


Caleb Audia

In her sixth period class, senior Abby Schrah prepares a “Sunshine Arrangement.” The floral department has been working on gifts and products available for purchase for the Valentine’s Day season. Students and staff can purchase gifts today through the links in the attached article.

Caleb Audia , Multimedia Director & Assistant News Editor

The floral department is selling valentine-themed products and gifts as a way to raise school spirit about the holiday. Products and gifts are available for purchase through MySchool Bucks.

Sunshine Arrangements” – which the students will deliver Friday, Jan. 28

Valentine’s Day Sale” – which the students will deliver Friday, Feb. 11. The “Valentine’s Day Sale” has three options: “Cupid’s Cupcake Floral Arrangement” for $12, “Be Mine Chocolate Bar” for $3, and “You ‘Malt’ My Heart Candy Milkshake” for $12.

Love You Bunches Valentine’s Day Arrangement” for $15 and the students will deliver them Monday, Feb. 14.

“These opportunities allow our advanced and practicum students to gain real-world experience in designing, creating, and delivering products to customers,” FFA Advisor Jordan Loving said in an email sent to staff on Wednesday, Jan. 26.

The valentine-themed gifts are a first-come first-serve based opportunity, and students who are interested must purchase as soon as possible to ensure a product.


In a graphic made by a floral department student, the “Valentine’s Day Sale” is shown. Students and staff can order through the link given in the news brief. Delivery for the sale is expected Friday, Feb. 11. (Photo Courtesy of the floral department)
The “Love You Bunches” bouquet sits on a white background. Made by a floral department student, the gift can be ordered through in the link in the attached news brief. The expected delivery date is Monday, Feb. 14. (Photo Courtesy of the floral department)
The “Sunshine Arrangements” sit outside of the school. Students and staff interested in purchasing can do so through the link in the attached news brief. Delivery is expected Friday, Jan. 28. (Photo Courtesy of the floral department)