Administrators, counselors create lower, upper houses for efficiency


Neena Sidhu

The doors to the lower house await to serve students and parents with the information and the resources they need. Located downstairs, across from the cafeteria, the lower house is in a central location for easy access. The upper house is located upstairs in the middle of the building across from the elevator.

Neena Sidhu, Writer, Photographer

Prosper High School’s former upstairs administrative office and downstairs counseling office have changed this year to make visits to administrators, counselors and attendance-related affairs more efficient for both students and parents. The virtual counseling office is also available for e-learners to meet with their counselors, submit anonymous tips, access college and career information and request transcripts.

The upper house is for students with the last names starting with A-Ll. The lower house is for students with last names starting with Lo-Z.

Principal John Burdett’s Newsletter

In each house, there are two administrative assistants who are available to help with the needs of students and parents. Additionally, three counselors and three assistant principals work out of each house. The two administrative assistants in the upper house are Amanda Hughes and Jennifer Gallaher, and the two lower house administrative assistants are Gina Dale and Laura Reeves.

“This will be a one-stop-shop for our kids and our parents,” Principal John Burdett said in his July 31 newsletter. “Maybe the most important thing that will happen is that these houses will create smaller communities that will allow us to know more of our students and their unique needs.”

According to administrators, the area is designed to be easy and seamless for students.

“I think having both the AP’s and the counselors together — they’re able to work a little bit closer on things that they pair up on,” Dale said. “But also, having one area for the students to come and get everything they need is really helpful.”