Connor Galloway joins the 2019-2020 staff to teach World History.

Connor Galloway

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Connor Galloway to teach World History.

1. What did you do before Prosper and/or teaching

“I studied history at Baylor University. I was in Waco high school in Waco, Texas. I liked it out there, it’s a way different environment. It is more of a larger city, while as Prosper is just getting there. I used to want to do pre-med but then went to college, took chemistry, and said alright never-mind.”

2. What’s the craziest thing that has happened while teaching or in your past career?

“On Halloween last year a kid showed up in a T-rex inflatable costume. He almost couldn’t fit through the doors.”

3. Favorite part about teaching?

“My favorite part about teaching would probably be the ability to create and build great relationships with students and other teachers. I think it’s pretty cool when I can see someone from school outside in the world.”

4. Goal for yourself and your students this year? 

“My goals for myself are to make sure that I’m implementing quality lessons and making sure that they are kind of authentic to the kids. Also that it helps them learn to be better citizens and better people. It is kind of a combined goal for me with what I want for them and me. To go kind of beyond the history lesson itself. Like, how does this apply to our lives? Not only that I want to make the lessons fun and relevant to the students.  My goal for my students is just for them to succeed, whatever that means for them, whatever that looks like for them. They all want to achieve different things. I want to help them reach their max potential.”

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