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Darilyn Krempin joins the 2019-2020 staff to teach anatomy and physiology.

Darilyn Krempin joins the 2019-2020 staff to teach anatomy and physiology.

Darilyn Krempin

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Darilyn Krempin joined the school to teach Anatomy and Physiology this year.

1.What did you do before Prosper and/or teaching

“I grew up on a farm and a ranch. Before I got my first real job, I played a lot of college basketball, that took up a lot of my time. I also used to work a lot of basketball camps with a bunch of little kids. So I was in Frisco ISD for 19 years. for the last 13 years, I was at Wakeland high school which is in Frisco. I was a girls basketball coach there, I taught biology, then in the last four years, I got out of coaching, and started teaching anatomy and physiology. I love it. Most of the kids in this class are doing it because they want to be a medical field. I love to find out why the kids are deciding to take this class and what they want to do when they get out of high school.

2. What’s the craziest thing that has happened while teaching or in your past career?

“One time when I was teaching biology I had this student who was a big kid, played football, who saw the rat, then came up to me, tried to say ‘I have to go to the bathroom’, but by the time he got to the last word he was falling onto the ground. It wasn’t funny at first but afterwards, it was hilarious. He must have just had a weak stomach or something.”

3. Favorite part about teaching?

“When I have students that come back to see me after they’ve  graduated and have moved into their careers, or have a family of their own. It’s just really neat to connect with students after they’ve gone out into the real world. It’s just a very rewarding feeling to me.”

4. Goal for yourself and your students this year? 

“This year I’m almost kind of like a new student. I’m at that state where I don’t know what I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out the protocol for things, the buildings, the schedule, just about everything. I lived in the Prosper community for about two years. So it made me even more exciting because, with teaching, I could go to the grocery store or like a football game, and actually see people I know.”

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