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Coach Scott Holder joins varsity baseball as Head Coach for 2019-2020.

Scott Holder

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Scott Holder joins athletics to coach varsity baseball this year.

1.What did you do before Prosper and/or teaching?

“Before Prosper I actually went to college at Texas A&M , so I’m a big Aggie fan. Graduated from A&M and actually coached at four different schools before coming to Prosper. I was at Cameron High School, at Thornville High School, which is my hometown. From there I went to Cuero in South Texas. Coached there for six years and from Cuero I moved to College Station High School, which is where I was at before I came here.”

2. What’s the craziest thing that has happened while teaching or in your past career?

“We played a regional final playoff game close to the coast. On the way to the to the baseball game we missed a tornado by about twenty minutes so none of our fans actually made it to the game. We left early so we had about five people at the baseball game. We were unable to get back to College Station that night because of flooding so we ended up having to stay in Houston in a hotel room. I had to go to Walmart and buy all of the kids toothbrushes and contact solution and stuff like that. Drove back to College Station the next morning and the guys had graduation that night so they went right off the bus, took their final exams and graduated that night.”

3. Favorite part about teaching (coaching)?

“I think as a high school athlete, a college athlete, and as a coach, I’ve just always been highly competitive. I’ve always loved athletics and everything about it and what it does for you and what it has done for me. I just like that. I like going into it everyday with the opportunity to compete and take what athletics does for you.”

4. Goal for yourself and your students this year? 

“First and foremost I think the goal for our team is to make sure that we establish ourselves as a baseball program that’s looked at by everybody across the state of Texas as not only a good baseball team but we want them to see our culture. We want them to see what kind of young men we are producing in our baseball program. A secondary goal every year for us is to win a state championship. That’s always been a goal of mine with our baseball teams every year.”


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