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Natalie Merrill joins the school to teach broadcast and audio/video this year.

Natalie Merrill

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Natalie Merril joined the school to teach broadcast and audio/video this year. 

1. What did you do before Prosper and/or teaching?

“I taught in Frisco for seven years. I taught broadcast journalism and newspaper. I also have experience in sports reporting and marketing.”

2. What’s the craziest thing that has happened while teaching or in your past career?

“I used to have my bus license because I used to coach cross country and track. After I stopped coaching, I still had my bus license for a little bit longer, but then I got rid of it. My students always begged me to take them on a field trip to Raising Cane’s, which was not that far, but I hated driving the bus. This one student, he was a senior, and he was never motivated to turn anything in on time, and this was my most advanced broadcast class. I basically bribed him and said, ‘Okay, if you turn in your story on time this week, I will take the class on a field trip to Raising Cane’s.’ Sure enough, he was the first person to turn in his story this week, and so I had to drive all my kids to Cane’s. I hadn’t driven a bus in like probably two years. I didn’t even remember how to drive it, but I still had that license. So, they got permission slips and everything from their parents, and we drove to Cane’s, and then I couldn’t make the turn out of the parking lot to get back to the school, so we had to go this round-about way to get back. But, I did it all for the kids.”

3. Favorite part about teaching?

“I love just being able to work with students and help them realize their full potentials and to remind them that they’re valued, and they matter. I love to be someone in their lives who can encourage them and help motivate them and also help offer them guidance and just help them become the people they want to be.”

4. Goal for yourself and your students this year? 

“My goal for my students is definitely not just for them to learn, but to leave the classroom better people and to believe in themselves and to be brave and confident in who they are. My goal for myself is just to show up every day with a heart for the kids.”

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