Dark Hour Haunted House Review: A ‘scary’ time could be had by all

Dark Hour

"I have been to many different haunted houses, but Dark Hour has to be my favorite," senior reviewer Lexi Goodrum said. Dark Hour is open Thursday through Sunday night, and general admission is only $35.

Lexi Goodrum, Writer

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If you are looking for something scary to do around Halloween time, definitely check out Dark Hour.

I have been to many different haunted houses, but Dark Hour has to be my favorite. One thing I hate about haunted houses are the long lines, but the line at Dark Hour goes by pretty quickly. On a really busy night, the longest I had to wait was 1.5 hours, which was nothing compared to the three-hour wait at other haunted houses. They also keep you entertained while waiting in line by performing shows and having the dressed-up actors walk around to take pictures with you.

The haunted house is around 15-20 minutes long, and it is pure thrill the whole way through. Once I got into the house, it was constant screams, crazy strobe lights and monsters chasing me. It was really freaky, but you absolutely get what you pay for.

Dark Hour does a great job of not putting people into big groups when walking through the house. Every year I have gone, I have been put into groups of three to five people, which is perfect. At other haunted houses, I have been put into groups of around 10 to 15 people, which makes the experience way less frightening. This year, Dark Hour has two haunted houses in one. They have their main house and then there is the Annabelle Asylum. To go through the Annabelle Asylum, it is an extra $12, but I recommend spending the extra money. This house only lasts around five to seven minutes, but it is just as creepy as the main haunted house.

Overall, I loved Dark Hour. It is a family-friendly environment and does a fantastic job of keeping you entertained the entire night.


701 Taylor Dr, Plano, TX 75074


Monday: Closed

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Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 7–10 p.m.

Friday: 7 p.m.–12 a.m.

Saturday: 7 p.m.–12 a.m.

Sunday: 7–10 p.m.

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