New year brings dress code changes, tardy kiosks


Karla Hernandez

Mrs. Hazlett gives an anonymous student a tardy slip. This tardy slip is required to get into class once you are late. "We want to see with the Tardy Kiosk is getting students students into their classes," Assistant Principal Dedrick Buckles said.

Kylie York, Reporter

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With a new school year ahead of us, the school implemented new changes: tardy kiosk and dress code. Tardy kiosks are stations throughout the school where students report when late. Once the second bell rings, teachers are required to close their doors and students must report to the closest Tardy kiosk to get a tardy slip. 

According to Assistant Principal Dedrick Buckles, the Tardy kiosk is used to help students access a tardy as quickly as possible and help the school keep track of attendance more accurately. 

“We got the Tardy Kiosk idea from other schools who had positive results,” Buckles said, “What we want to see with the Tardy Kiosk is getting students into their classes and teachers being able to start instructions as quickly as possible.” 

Sophomore JP Purtle said Tardy Kiosks sound like a great idea.

“I think it’s better than having to go all the way to the office and wait in line, now that there’s lots of stations around the school, I won’t have to wait in line,” Purtle said. 

As well as the new tardy kiosks, the school board approved new changes to the dress code.

 “As times continue to evolve, the school district decided the dress code needed to be refined,” Buckles said. 

Students are now allowed to have unnatural hair colors, boys are allowed to grow out their facial hair as long as it’s kept neat and boys can wear earrings, only one per ear. 

Junior Brennan Graham seems to like the new dress code.

“I like that they finally changed the dress code, now students can express themselves and color their hair without having to worry about being dress coded,” Graham said.