• March 31All PISD schools to stay closed until May 1. "The Governor just announced that schools would be closed through May 1," superintendent Drew Watkins said today, March 31. "Stay strong PISD team."

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2019-2020 Volleyball

Tue, Aug 06 WaxahachieProsper High School3-1W
WaxahachieProsper High School
Fri, Aug 09 Prestonwood ChristianPreston Christian Ac3-1W
Prestonwood ChristianPreston Christian Ac
Fri, Aug 09 LibertyLiberty High School3-2W
LibertyLiberty High School
Sat, Aug 10 SL Carroll (Battle of the Prosper High School3-0W
SL Carroll (Battle of the Prosper High School
Sat, Aug 10 Flower Mound (Battle of thFlower Mound High Sc1-3L
Flower Mound (Battle of thFlower Mound High Sc
Tue, Aug 13 ReedyReedy High School3-1W
ReedyReedy High School
Fri, Aug 16 Denton GuyerProsper High School3-2W
Denton GuyerProsper High School
Tue, Aug 20 Brian NelsonProsper High School1-3L
Brian NelsonProsper High School
Thu, Aug 22 Rockwall-Heath (VolleyPaloRouse High School2-0W
Rockwall-Heath (VolleyPaloRouse High School
Thu, Aug 22 Waller (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School2-0W
Waller (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School
Thu, Aug 22 Rouse (VolleyPalooza)Rouse High School0-2L
Rouse (VolleyPalooza)Rouse High School
Fri, Aug 23 Waxahachie (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch2-1W
Waxahachie (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch
Fri, Aug 23 Mansfield (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch2-1W
Mansfield (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch
Fri, Aug 23 Canyon (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch2-0W
Canyon (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch
Sat, Aug 24 Lovejoy (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School0-2L
Lovejoy (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School
Sat, Aug 24 SL Carroll (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School1-2L
SL Carroll (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School
Fri, Aug 30 LovejoyLovejoy High School1-3L
LovejoyLovejoy High School
Tue, Sep 03 Flower MoundProsper High School0-3L
Flower MoundProsper High School
Tue, Sep 10 KellerKeller High School3-1W
KellerKeller High School
Fri, Sep 13 McKinney High McKinney High School3-0W
McKinney High McKinney High School
Tue, Sep 17 Plano EastProsper High School3-0W
Plano EastProsper High School
Tue, Sep 24 BoydProsper High School3-2W
BoydProsper High School
Fri, Sep 27 Plano WestPlano West High Scho3-1W
Plano WestPlano West High Scho
Tue, Oct 01 AllenAllen High School3-0W
AllenAllen High School
Fri, Oct 04 Plano Sr.Prosper High School3-0 StoryW
Plano Sr.Prosper High School Story
Tue, Oct 08 McKinney Prosper High School3-0W
McKinney Prosper High School
Fri, Oct 11 Plano EastPlano East High Scho3-0W
Plano EastPlano East High Scho
Tue, Oct 15 Rockwall HeathProsper High School3-0W
Rockwall HeathProsper High School
Fri, Oct 18 McKinney Boyd (Homecoming)Prosper High School3-0W
McKinney Boyd (Homecoming)Prosper High School
Tue, Oct 22 Plano WestProsper High School0-3L
Plano WestProsper High School
Fri, Oct 25 AllenProsper High School3-0W
AllenProsper High School
Tue, Oct 29 PlanoProsper High School3-0W
PlanoProsper High School
Mon, Nov 04 Naaman ForestMcKinney Boyd High S3-0W
Naaman ForestMcKinney Boyd High S
Thu, Nov 07 Copparas CoveGlen High School3-0W
Copparas CoveGlen High School
Tue, Nov 12 SachsePlano Senior High Sc3-2W
SachsePlano Senior High Sc
Fri, Nov 15 KleinKlein High School2-3L
KleinKlein High School
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