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2019-2020 Volleyball

Tue, Aug 06 WaxahachieProsper High School3-1W
WaxahachieProsper High School
Fri, Aug 09 Prestonwood ChristianPreston Christian Ac3-1W
Prestonwood ChristianPreston Christian Ac
Fri, Aug 09 LibertyLiberty High School3-2W
LibertyLiberty High School
Sat, Aug 10 SL Carroll (Battle of the Prosper High School3-0W
SL Carroll (Battle of the Prosper High School
Sat, Aug 10 Flower Mound (Battle of thFlower Mound High Sc1-3L
Flower Mound (Battle of thFlower Mound High Sc
Tue, Aug 13 ReedyReedy High School3-1W
ReedyReedy High School
Fri, Aug 16 Denton GuyerProsper High School3-2W
Denton GuyerProsper High School
Tue, Aug 20 Brian NelsonProsper High School1-3L
Brian NelsonProsper High School
Thu, Aug 22 Rockwall-Heath (VolleyPaloRouse High School2-0W
Rockwall-Heath (VolleyPaloRouse High School
Thu, Aug 22 Waller (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School2-0W
Waller (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School
Thu, Aug 22 Rouse (VolleyPalooza)Rouse High School0-2L
Rouse (VolleyPalooza)Rouse High School
Fri, Aug 23 Waxahachie (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch2-1W
Waxahachie (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch
Fri, Aug 23 Mansfield (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch2-1W
Mansfield (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch
Fri, Aug 23 Canyon (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch2-0W
Canyon (Volleypalooza)Vista Ridge High Sch
Sat, Aug 24 Lovejoy (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School0-2L
Lovejoy (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School
Sat, Aug 24 SL Carroll (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School1-2L
SL Carroll (Volleypalooza)Rouse High School
Fri, Aug 30 LovejoyLovejoy High School1-3L
LovejoyLovejoy High School
Tue, Sep 03 Flower MoundProsper High School0-3L
Flower MoundProsper High School
Tue, Sep 10 KellerKeller High School3-1W
KellerKeller High School
Fri, Sep 13 McKinney High McKinney High School3-0W
McKinney High McKinney High School
Tue, Sep 17 Plano EastProsper High School3-0W
Plano EastProsper High School
Tue, Sep 24 BoydProsper High School3-2W
BoydProsper High School
Fri, Sep 27 Plano WestPlano West High Scho3-1W
Plano WestPlano West High Scho
Tue, Oct 01 AllenAllen High School3-0W
AllenAllen High School
Fri, Oct 04 Plano Sr.Prosper High School3-0 StoryW
Plano Sr.Prosper High School Story
Tue, Oct 08 McKinney Prosper High School3-0W
McKinney Prosper High School
Fri, Oct 11 Plano EastPlano East High Scho3-0W
Plano EastPlano East High Scho
Tue, Oct 15 Rockwall HeathProsper High School3-0W
Rockwall HeathProsper High School
Fri, Oct 18 McKinney Boyd (Homecoming)Prosper High School3-0W
McKinney Boyd (Homecoming)Prosper High School
Tue, Oct 22 Plano WestProsper High School0-3L
Plano WestProsper High School
Fri, Oct 25 AllenProsper High School3-0W
AllenProsper High School
Tue, Oct 29 PlanoProsper High School3-0W
PlanoProsper High School
Mon, Nov 04 Naaman ForestMcKinney Boyd High S3-0W
Naaman ForestMcKinney Boyd High S
Thu, Nov 07 Copparas CoveGlen High School3-0W
Copparas CoveGlen High School
Tue, Nov 12 SachsePlano Senior High Sc3-2W
SachsePlano Senior High Sc
Fri, Nov 15 KleinKlein High School2-3L
KleinKlein High School
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