Club spotlight– make an artful impact


Kester Muthalaly

Zinnia Aguilar works on her project for art class. Students can join art club, but do not need to be enrolled in an art class during school. "Everybody’s welcome,” Ferguson said. “I know with NAHS you have to have certain grades and that’s great, but I wanted to make something where everyone is welcome."

Kennedy Wyles

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While it’s a ‘small group,’ the art club’s members say they welcome all students who are interested in creating and learning about art to come join the group and work on its varied projects. Members meet after school once or twice a month in Room 1035.

It is not required for club members to be enrolled in an art class.

“At the beginning of the year we have our ice-breaker activity, which is our t-shirt painting,” art club president Kelsi Ferguson said. “We do pumpkin painting in October, and this December we’ll be doing paintings for the children’s hospital. (We will have) a holiday Secret Santa.”

Artist Judy Seay advises art club and National Art Honors Society (NAHS).

“National Art Honors Society has to do 40 hours of volunteer work,” Seay said. “Where for regular art club, we just have fun playing with art.”

The clubs attend field trips to show their work and widen their knowledge about art.

“It’s a really small group,” Seay said. “There’s usually eight to 10 people in here. Some of them didn’t have art in their schedule this year, so they just wanted to be able to do some art projects.”

Students can join art club at any time by joining the Google Classroom page. Mrs. Seay can be contacted for the classroom code. 

“Everybody’s welcome,” Ferguson said. “I know with NAHS you have to have certain grades, and that’s great, but I wanted to make something where everyone is welcome.”

According to Ferguson, art club can help students prepare for their futures. 

“I want to be an art teacher,” Kelsi Ferguson said. “(Art club) helps me practice with creating lessons. We’re going to do some lessons later in the year and other activities, so it gives me practice with that.”

Both art club and NAHS show their art in the halls and on social media.

“I had a passion for art and wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with it,” sophomore Alyssa Ferguson said. “Art club helped me find what I really enjoyed of art. You can find a way to express yourself and interact with people.”

The clubs have fundraisers throughout the year, such as the pottery painting that took place Dec. 6. 

“I think (art club) is fun if you just like art,” Seay said. “It’s a good way to go.”