Show Choir sing their hearts out at last concert

Kester Muthalaly, Photography Editor

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The PHS Show Choir performed their final concert of the 2017-2018 school year from May. 11-12.

The concert is directed by Aaron Tombrella and Crystal Chamberlain.

The Technical Crew is comprised of Dillion Atchinson, Connor Blassingame, Abbey Frederick, Connor Hackworth.

The Prosper Theatre Tech Crew consists of Eileah Hale and Quinton Williams.

The Show Choir concert is hosted by Connor Hackworth.

The choir includes:

Samantha Amaton (Alto, Senior)

Emily Angrisano (Alto, Senior)

Maddie Burke (Soprano, Junior)

Rachel Carnegie (Alto, Senior)

Lily Doyle, (Alto, Sophomore)

Carson Hackworth (Bass, Junior)

Nick Hambly (Tenor, Senior)

Haley Harig (Soprano, Sophomore)

Jordan Harris (Soprano, Sophomore)

Kate Hill (Alto, Senior)

Max Huxford (Bass, Junior)

Henley Jackson (Soprano, Sophomore)

Jonathen Johnson (Tenor, Junior)

Arnisa Krasniqi (Soprano, Senior)

Jacob Levin (Tenor, Junior)

Austin Mann (Bass, Sophomore)

Jace Miserak (Bass, Junior)

Lizzie Peterson (Alto, Senior)

Tabbi Scoggins (Soprano, Junior)

Abbie Young (Alto, Senior)