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Christi Norris

Looking forward … Looking Back … Junior Christi Norris explores different avenues of photography by developing her first roll of black-and-white film. “I was encouraged by my dad to try film photography because it’s about being intentional,” Norris said. “With every shot, on digital, you can take a million photos with no consequences, but in film, every shot counts,” Staff leadership recently named Norris as the photo editor for the 2020-21 Eagle Nation Online. She said she hopes to continue exploring every aspect of photography. The Eagle Brief, which accompanies this photo, helps readers see what’s happened in “Uplifting” and what’s coming with quick links and calendars.

Christi Norris and Amanda Hare

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Last Updated – June 30, 2020.

First Scheduled – June 25

Looking Forward

Here’s the latest:

Are you doing e-learning or in-person learning this year?

  • in-person (80%, 102 Votes)
  • e-learning (20%, 25 Votes)

Total Voters: 127

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Links to District Updates/Calendars

2020-2021 PISD School Year Update

The above link contains more details on e-learning or in-person learning opportunities.

Prosper ISD COVID-19 Homepage

Prosper ISD Summer Calendar

Prosper High School Summer Calendar

Prosper High School Summer Athletic Calendar


PHS Dual Credit

Please note that payment for any Collin College Dual Credit courses you may have registered for is due to the college by July 22nd at 8pm.  Students who are dropped for non-payment will NOT be allowed to re-enroll in these classes.

Fall 2020 semester Dual Credit registration is no longer open for additional PISD students to enroll at this time.

Letter from PISD to PISD parents

Dear Prosper ISD Parents,

We want to give you a brief update regarding the opening of school in the fall with the information we have thus far from the state.  As it stands, parents will have the option to send their child to school OR continue E-Learning.  You will undoubtedly have many questions.  Once we receive official guidance from the state, we will be able to better explain how each of these will look.  Like most other districts, we have been working on multiple plans depending on the state’s final direction regarding the safety of all.  We are hopeful that we will receive that information in the next week or two.  At that time, we will communicate the complete PISD plan for school in the fall.  These are uncertain times and we appreciate your patience.  Please expect to receive more detailed information by the end of next week depending on clarity from the state.
IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING REGISTRATION:  We have heard from many of you that you are waiting to know the exact plan for the fall before you register your child for next year.  Although understandable, it does put the district in a difficult situation to be able to adequately serve your child.  Please know that “registration” does not obligate you to anything; however, it does allow us to have a more accurate student count so that we can appropriately staff our schools.  With that said, we ask that you take the time to register your child so that we can complete staffing for the upcoming school year.  Thank you for helping us serve your child more effectively.

Eagle Nation Online Editorial Board 2020-2021

Editor-in-Chief: Grace Williamson

Chief Operating Officer: Emma Hutchinson

Assistant Editor: Amanda Hare

Sports Editor: Caroline Wilburn

Photo Editor: Christi Norris

Assistant Photo Editor: Morgan Reese

Ad Sales Director: Emily Reish

Design Editor: Caitlyn Kennedy

Social Media Director: Alyssa Clark


Cate Emma Warren – Theatre Beat

Alyssa Clark – Art Beat

Rusty Joe Gonzales – Entertainment/video games Beat


Countdown until school starts