Review: Is ‘Funeral’ the last of Weezy?

Fan says album makes good investment of time, money


Reviewer Tyler Parker listens to the lead single on the album 'Funeral.' Parker is a dedicated fan that stayed up for the release of Lil' Wayne's album early Friday morning. "The album was well worth the wait," Parker said.

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“Welcome to the funeral, yeah, closed casket as usual.”

 Last Friday, Weezy dropped “Funeral,” a 23-track album featuring XXXTentacion, Lil Baby, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Takeoff, Lil Twist, O.T. Genasis, Jay Rock, Adam Levine and The Dream.

 The album was anticipated for months, and for the majority of fans, the wait was well worth it. This album beautifully expressed Lil Wayne’s thoughts and some of the emotional problems that he faces every day. He raps about being lost in the world, his trust issues, his depression and many other problems that artists face. Having said that, he doesn’t just rap about his problems, he also kept his usual upbeat lyrics about the things that he enjoys in life. He talks about his money, his musical success and more things that the majority of rappers typically rap about. There is speculation that “Funeral” will be Lil Wayne’s last album, but that rumor has not been confirmed. 

 My personal top 5 songs from the album 

    1. Get Outta My Head ft. XXXTentacion

Weezy and the late XXXTentacion collaborate on this track to make a dark and emotional song. This song is thought-provoking and makes the listener realize the emotional pain that Weezy and XXXTentacion had/have to face. 

    2. Trust Nobody ft. Adam Levine

Trust Nobody definitely stands out in the album. It’s a collaboration between pop star Adam Levine and Weezy. The song is about trust issues that artists face with stardom. 

    3. Dreams

This song is about Weezy’s strange dreams of being alone without his money. He raps that he was constantly falling, but that those things are only dreams because he is rich in the real world, and never falls to others. 

    4. Bing James

The song’s flow itself makes it one of the best songs on this album. Weezy and Bing James rap about their struggles with their gang affiliations, but they also rap about the advantages that come with those affiliations. 

     5. I don’t sleep ft. Takeoff

Weezy and Takeoff collaborate to make this song about why they really are successful. They rap about never sleeping, and the grind to release new music. Takeoff and Weezy rap about their desire to constantly make music, and their true love for music. 

I highly recommend buying this album. The flow and lyrics of every song make listening worth both your time and money.