Dungeons & Dragons brings unique game experience to school


Caroline Wilburn

Dice sit on a table while members play a game of Dungeons and Dragons. “If you like games where you can escape your day to day and just have a good time, you can come and join,” said club member Ryan Aaron. The club, started last year, has over 50 members that meet weekly. If you are interested in joining contact club sponsor, Ms. Robison.

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More than 50 students file into a science classroom, but what they are there for has nothing to do with reality. With every detail they add to their character, they make the story more compelling.

Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game where each member creates a character. Then they have the opportunity to create a backstory and add layers to their character.

I like to think of it as collaborative storytelling,” senior Braedyn Deaver said. “You have all the players who have their characters, and they decide what their characters want to do.”

The game is played by rolling dice to see if the player can complete an action. 

“If you want to hide in a bush, you’d have to roll to see if you get in the bush and are completely hidden or not,” club member Hao Trang said. “If you want to persuade someone to give you something you have to roll to see if persuade them.”

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Alumni Conner Cadenhead started the club last year. It now has now grown into more than 50 members and at least four playing groups.

“We started this because there was a huge group of students here at Prosper who liked Dungeons and Dragons, and a lot of people who were interested in it or had heard of it and wanted to try it out,” Trang said. “We wanted to make sure to work it out so that everyone can come out and hang.”

Within the club, members can lead a group and earn the title of Dungeon Master  – most commonly known as the “DM.” Their job is to guide and supervise the game by making sure all rules are followed. They also answer any questions players have. 

“When you’re a DM, you have to make a campaign to fit what people playing the game might want,” club president Ryan Aaron said. “As a DM, it’s your responsibility to carry players throughout the world you’ve created or others have created. Basically you’re the referee, the narrator, and the creator of the world.”

Caroline Wilburn
Club members play a game of Dungeons and Dragons during Eagle Time on Friday, Dec. 6. “I’m always looking for new opportunities to play and it’s really fun to make new characters and play with different people,” senior  Braedyn Deaver said. The club meets every Friday during Eagle Time in Room 2130.

Members said this club is a place where fellow members can make friends, have fun and break away from their daily lives. 

“The club itself is a really cool, really friendly environment,” Deaver said. “Everyone loves the game and just playing the game itself, it’s kind of an escape.”

Meetings are every Friday during Eagle Time in Room 2130. If you are interested in joining the club, contact club sponsor Maggie Robison for more information.