Swim/Dive opens new Natatorium, gets ready for season


Sarah Milne

The Swim/Dive team enjoys their first year of practice in the newly opened Natatorium. The team has their first meet coming up on September 28. In preparation for the meet, the varsity team practices for two hours every morning, ready for the competition.

Caleb Audia, Reporter

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The Swim and Dive teams make a splash into the newly-opened natatorium. Starting this 2019-2020 school year, the team members said they look forward to enjoying the comfort of their own 16-lane pool.

This includes two 1-meter diving boards, as well as a multi-lane warm-up pool. Previously, the team commuted 20-minutes to Texas Ford Aquatics. This limited practice time, availability, and team expansion. 

“Being able to have a home venue for the team will dramatically change public support, especially with room for spectators and being able to host home meets,” Coach Sarah Milne said. “The athletes are very excited to call this place home, and I am looking forward to the growth of programs, such as Prosper ISD’s ‘Learn-To-Swim’, which will develop more athletes for the team.”

Also introduced to the natatorium is a weight room, which features the first Prosper-ISD custom integrated equipment.

“With the weight room being available in the natatorium,” Milne said, “we are expecting to build strength, stability, and flexibility for the athletes.”

With the team growing to 60 members, the practices have been split. Varsity practices before school, while junior varsity and dive practice after school.

“I think that this is a great idea, as the sets for JV and varsity practices are different. Also, I felt as if the coaches were overwhelmed last year,” sophomore Hope Goodman said. “It’s already showing that I’m getting more out of the practices and so are my other teammates. I can’t wait to see the outcomes while in a meet.”

In preparation for their first meet on Sept. 28, the varsity team practices for two hours every morning.

“Most swimmers just focus on swimming and don’t realize that weightlifting and ‘dry-land’ can directly benefit your performance,” senior Heather Pappas said. “I am very excited to see our team improve this season.”